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Could you give an example of the conditional tense in English?



I could.


This is the funniest thing the internet has come up with in its entire existence. 


thrasher mag BRO


thrasher mag BRO

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Good news for people with mental illness! Think happy thoughts, try harder, get a hobby like knitting, stare directly at the sun, pain is weakness leaving the body. Help is on the way!

Apr 9

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Apr 8

I had a wish to be an artist. Was that not mad of me? I had this work of art I wanted to make, don’t ask me what it was, I don’t know; something epic, mibby, with the variety of facts and the clarity of fancies and all of it seen in pictures with a queer morbid intense colour of their own, mibby a gigantic mural or illustrated book or even a film. I don’t know what it would have been, but I knew how to get ready to make it. I had to read poetry and hear music and study philosophy and write and draw and paint. I had to learn how things and people felt and were made and behaved and how the human body worked and its appearance and proportions in different situations. In fact, I had to eat the bloody moon!

- Lanark - Alasdair Gray

Apr 6













Photographer: Izzy Berdan
Model: Aaron Foster
Please do not remove credit

It was good until the shitty war paint thing he has going on womp womp

You should take your shitty opinion roll it up In a ball and shove it right up your ass :)

Girl bye you’re so sad it’s not even funny, clearly wearing war paint is offensive and wrong but you prob don’t know why do you? And if you do and just decide it’s okay for “fashion” then your hurt little feelings are worth less to me then dog shit. Do you know what cultural appropriation is? Do you care? Prob not cause let’s face it most people like you will find any excuse in the book to pull shit like this off as okay. Come back for me when your stupid ass knows something.

Just so you know it’s not war paint,
They are tattoos and scars modeled after The marvel comic book character Cable aka Nathan Summers. So maybe you should stop and think before you open your mouth to barf out hate and ignorance. Read a comic book you uneducated insect.

gotta love when tumblr decides to just pop off for no reason without knowing what they are talking about first ……. haha damn you nathan damn you for liking comics 

Uh I don’t know about you guys but I have like two friends who have a friend who was a comic book character for a while in college and like I find his appropriation of their facial markings to be highly insensitive?

Apr 5

Got about $500 worth of parts in the mail for the bike that are gonna make everything all better whether they fucking know it or not. 

Apr 5

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Apr 5


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